With more than 3 million cases of varicose veins diagnosed each year in the United States, researchers are always searching for new treatments for this bothersome condition. At Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey, Jeffrey Gosin, MD, FACS, has invested in the latest state-of-the-art treatment for varicose veins, the VenaSeal™ system by Medtronic. The VenaSeal system offers a minimally invasive solution to varicose veins without the need for potentially damaging heat or irritants. To learn more about this new procedure, call Dr. Gosin to schedule your consultation or book online.

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VenaSeal (TM) Q & A

What is the VenaSeal closure system?

The VenaSeal closure system is a new type of treatment for varicose veins. It forgoes the use of heat or vein irritants, which are a traditional method of closing off troublesome veins. Instead, the VenaSeal closure system allows Dr. Gosin to endovenously deliver a medical adhesive to the affected vein, collapsing the vein and improving your appearance.

How does the VenaSeal closure system work?

Unlike other types of varicose vein treatments that seal the vein through heat or inflammation, the VenaSeal closure system uses a medical adhesive to close off the vein. This blocks blood flow and ultimately collapses the vein, allowing your body to redirect blood flow to healthy veins.

What can I expect during my VenaSeal procedure?

As a minimally invasive procedure, your VenaSeal treatment won’t require much preparation on your part. Prior to treatment, Dr. Gosin performs an ultrasound on your affected legs to help map out the treatment route. He’ll then inject a small anesthetic to numb the area receiving closure.

Once your leg is numb, Dr. Gosin inserts the VenaSeal catheter into the affected vein and injects a small amount of medical adhesive. He might need to make several injections along the vein depending on its size. Once the injections are complete, Dr. Gosin removes the catheter and bandages the injection site.

How long is VenaSeal recovery?

You should see promising results immediately following the closure of your varicose veins, and then continued improvements over the next several weeks as your body reroutes blood to healthy veins.

Most patients can resume their normal daily activities the same day as their procedure. If you play sports or engage in other activities that put stress on your legs, you can discuss a more in-depth recovery plan with Dr. Gosin.

Most patients report little-to-no bruising following treatment, and over time your body absorbs the adhesive used to seal your veins.

If you’re suffering from varicose veins, let Dr. Gosin make them a thing of the past with the cutting edge VenaSeal closure system. Call the office of Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey, to schedule your consultation, or book it online.

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