As the baby boomer population in the United States grows older, the prevalence of vascular disease keeps rising. In fact, peripheral artery disease (PAD) already affects nearly 12 million people in the US, a number that will only rise in time. At Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey, Jeffrey Gosin, MD, FACS, and his expert care team offer the latest state-of-the-art vascular surgery procedures to correct vascular disease complications and get patients on the fast track to good health. If you’re suffering from a vascular condition and want to understand your surgical options, call Dr. Gosin to schedule your consultation or book online.

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Vascular Surgery Q & A

What is vascular disease?

Vascular disease refers to medical conditions that affect the veins and arteries in your body. These veins and arteries help carry oxygen throughout the body, so even a blockage or weakening in your leg can affect areas all throughout the body.

Some common types of vascular conditions include abdominal aortic aneurysms, deep vein thrombosis, peripheral artery disease, carotid artery stenosis, and varicose veins.

How is vascular disease diagnosed?

Your Shore Vascular & Vein Center care provider takes a detailed medical history to determine your risk factors for various vascular diseases. A simple physical examination may reveal certain findings or clues to suggest underlying venous reflux.

For other conditions, your provider might perform a Doppler ultrasound test, known as a venous duplex scan, which is a noninvasive painless test that will evaluate the veins for clots, reflux (valve function) and other issues important in making a correct diagnosis and determining proper treatment. Other noninvasive testing may also supplement Doppler ultrasound results in certain situations.

How is vascular disease treated?

Shore Vascular & Vein Center care providers specialize in a variety of treatment options for vascular conditions, specializing in leg and vein conditions. Dr. Gosin and his team specialize in treatment for several common vascular diseases:

Peripheral artery disease (PAD)

Treatment for PAD depends on a few factors, including the severity of your symptoms and whether you have coexisting medical conditions. Conservative treatments such as lifestyle and dietary changes can offer excellent results for minor to moderate cases. More severe cases might require medications or surgery to help restore blood flow to your arteries.

Carotid artery stenosis

While lifestyle changes can help prevent instances of carotid artery stenosis, symptoms often don’t emerge until the condition has advanced to a dangerous level. After examining your carotid with an ultrasound, Dr. Gosin might provide carotid stenting or a carotid endarterectomy to remove plaque buildup.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA)

An abdominal aortic aneurysm occurs when your aorta weakens and inflates like a balloon. Under enough pressure, your aorta can rupture, leading to life-threatening complications. When an AAA increases to a dangerous size, Dr. Gosin will need to perform standard open surgery or an endovascular stent graft to reinforce the weakened area of your aorta.

All of the procedures that Shore Vascular & Vein Center performs for the treatment of varicose veins and venous reflux allow individuals to return to their usual activities within about a day.

More serious vascular diseases, such as peripheral artery disease, may require minimally invasive procedures for correction, such as an angioplasty or stenting. In particularly serious scenarios, you might require traditional open surgery for treatment. These are performed in a hospital setting and often require a hospital stay during recovery.

If you’re suffering from a vascular condition or have a family history of vascular problems, come visit Dr. Gosin at Shore Vascular & Vein Center in Somers Point, New Jersey, to receive the expert care you need for recovery. To learn more, call to schedule your consultation or book online.

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