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Spider veins are thin, fine lines that are red or purple in color and appear just beneath the surface of the skin of your legs. They’re not a serious medical condition, but they can cause discomfort in certain situations. They can cause you to feel a burning sensation and cause your skin to be itchy, giving you the urge to scratch it constantly. Depending on their location and your skin type, they can also be prone to bleeding, particularly when you shave your legs. Of course, if you leave them untreated, they can increase in number and become more prominent and noticeable.

Spider Veins Img5Spider veins can exist on their own, or be associated with varicose veins. This means that, if you have spider veins, you might be more likely to develop varicose veins or may even already have them.


We offer multiple treatment options for spider veins, including sclerotherapy and Excel V laser. Please see the treatment page for details about these, and other treatments.

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