Sure, it’s deep into winter and the beach is months and miles away. But you’re in the gym daily and watching what you eat, doing everything you can now to be ready for an endless summer. Despite the disciplined regimen, your body isn’t completely on board with the plan. You’re still showing pockets of fat in places that aren’t getting the toning message.

You still have time to treat these ahead of swimsuit season if you start now, and you can do it without surgery. In fact, using the SculpSure system at Shore Vascular & Vein Center, you can take a 25-minute laser-based session and return immediately to your regular daily activities. Harnessing the power of laser light energy gives you the ability to sculpt your body to the contours you’re after.

How fat deposits persist

As you age, chemical changes in your body can create a wide range of effects, including changing the places fat typically gets stored. While your training regimen lowers your percentages of body fat and tones the underlying muscle, redistribution of fat leaves bulging spots, on your stomach, flanks, thighs and even under your chin.

No amount of spot training or diet modification can single out these deposits.

SculpSure and fat coagulation

Spot reduction of fat deposits has been possible surgically for years. Liposuction literally vacuums fat from your body. However, it’s a surgical procedure, with the associated scars and recovery times. You may not feel strongly enough about your sculpting goals to undertake the risks of surgery.

SculpSure® uses a wavelength of laser light energy tuned to be absorbed by adipose tissue, the component that stores fat in your body. When this light is absorbed, the energy changes from light to heat. When adipose tissue reaches a point about 10 degrees above normal, your body perceives it as damaged. This is called the coagulation point.

Once fat has been warmed this much, it’s finally persona non grata in your body. These cells metabolize from your body, flushing out through the circulatory system. Since you’re already exercising and eating right, the cells aren’t replaced, since there’s no need for additional fat storage.  

Three months to optimal results

Because fat removal is a natural body process, it’s not fast. With liposuction, your results are visible as soon as the swelling associated with surgery subsides. SculpSure typically produces a 24% reduction in treated fat cells in a single session, but it will be three months until you see the the maximum effect. You’ll start to notice changes in about half that time.  

Depending on your body-contouring goals, you may need more than one treatment session. However, starting sessions in early February means peak results from two SculpSure procedures will show right in the middle of prime beach time.

Contact Shore Vascular & Vein Center immediately, by phone or using the handy online booking tool to arrange a consultation to discuss SculpSure and what it can do for you. Dr. Gosin and his team can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve the body sculpting goals that can’t be met with diet and exercise alone.

Jersey Shore Surgical Group Shore Vascular & Vein Center located in Somers Point, NJ is excited to announce a new accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Vein Center in the area of Superficial Venous Treatment and Management.


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